motorbike mot and repair calverton nottingham
motorbike repair and mot service calverton nottingham

Motorbike MOT & Repairs

In the United Kingdom, every motorcycle that is more than three years old has to pass an annual MOT test. The test decides whether or not your bike is roadworthy and if it fails, you won’t be able to ride until any issues are fixed.

Our engineers will check that your bike’s wheels and tyres are right for the bike and that they’re fitted correctly and securely. They’ll check nuts, bolts, studs, spindles, chains, sprockets, and hubs; tread depth of the tyres; condition of valves; and signs of corrosion, distortion, or damage. They will check steering and suspension, braking, exhaust system, fuel system, horn, seat, throttle, clutch, vehicle identification, frame, and footrests.

Headlamp, sidelights, rear light, rear-registration-plate light, indicators, and reflectors are checked during an MOT to ensure they work, and that they’re secure and undamaged. The brightness, position and direction of beam are tested, as well as the flash frequency of indicator lights – 60 to 120 times per minute.


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