mot and repairs garage calverton nottingham
mot and repairs garage calverton nottingham

Car MOT & Repairs

If your vehicle is 3 years or older you are required by law to have an annual DVLA safety check, commonly known as an MOT check or a VOSA MOT check. The purpose of the MOT is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law.

During the MOT the tester will conduct an inspection and a comprehensive series of checks around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle. If the vehicle passes all MOT checks, a VT20 MOT certificate is issued. However, if the vehicle fails its MOT checks, a VT30 document is issued. Items that aren’t quite a failure, but will require future attention are listed as ‘advisory’ items.

MOT tests can be carried out on your car up to one month prior to the expiry date of an existing UK MOT certificate*. On passing the MOT test, the vehicle will receive a certificate valid from the date of expiry of your existing MOT certificate. All UK cars three years old and over require a valid MOT certificate by law. The contents and standards required are set by the Vehicle Inspectorate VOSA.

*Provided that a current MOT certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test

MOT Repairs
Should your vehicle require any repair work, we will always quote you in advance and seek your full approval before undertaking any work.

CV Boot

The part that simultaneously enables the axle to flex while transmitting the driving force is called a drive axle joint, and is also known as a constant velocity (or CV) joint. The CV Boot is a ribbed, rubber flexible boot that keeps water and dirt out of the joint and the special grease inside the joint.

Anti-roll Bar

The idea of an anti-roll bar is to reduce body roll as the car corners independently and without significantly affecting the stiffness (rates) of the suspension springs. Fitting them to road cars allows spring and damper rates to be soft enough for comfort while keeping body roll in check.

Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are critical safety components that can affect tire wear, stability, braking, vibration, driver comfort, and the life of other steering and suspension parts. Shocks work with a commercial truck’s suspension system to maintain tire-to-road contact by controlling spring movement.

Wheel Bearing

A wheel bearing is a crucial part of the wheel assembly that connects the wheel and the axle. It is a set of steel balls (ball bearings) or tapers (tapered bearings), held together by a metal ring. It enables the wheel to rotate smoothly with a minimum of friction.

Ball joint

Ball joints consist of a ball and socket similar to the hip joint of the human body. Ball joints of your front suspension provide pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and control arms to provide a safe, smooth ride and allow you to precisely control your vehicle.


The alternator’s primary purpose is to keep the battery charged when the vehicle is running, but it also helps the battery keep the electrical components in your vehicle charged, which may include the windshield wipers, headlights, and more

Starter Motor
A starter motor provides defense by first controlling the electrical output of your device or equipment at its initial point of operation (when you turn it on or it engages). From that point, the starter continues to protect your system, operating as a fail-safe.

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